He Really Should Stop Eating Hats

You probably won’t believe me but this guy I know has a problem of saying something crazy, and then backing it up by saying he would totally do something even crazier if he was wrong.

Well, he was wrong again, and this time he said he’d eat a hat over it. The topic, something stupid about Megaman 9 download content. All because the source of the news was from some site not Capcom, he wouldn’t believe a word of it.

And I ALONE, have the exclusive right to show you all, Author X eating a hat. So without further ado.

Axel eating a Hat

Author X eating a Hat, click for his DA page.

If the Hat eating wasn’t enough for you, just click the image and you can find his DA page, probably the most likely method for laughing at him directly. Who knows, maybe if there’s enough demand he’ll give us the real thing, youtube maybe?

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