Epic Game of the Year

There comes a game once every year that is so epic amazing that it sweeps the internet with joy and everyone cries out to their friends that they must buy this game and experience true gaming joy.

Braid is that game for the year 2008.

With the simple aspect of building the game around the puzzles and gaming mechanics it brings back the joy when I first played Portal. The Gameplay, story, visuals, music, and originality I have no idea how this game does not get an even better score then it does. The only thing that can be said against it is that, even more so then Portal, the game is short.

And thanks to the sale on Microsoft Points at Target you can get this game for even less then the $15 price. And it really is worth it.

For those of you out there without a 360, there are rumors abound that the PSN, and maybe even a PC port are on their way. Not anytime soon mind you, and they are rumors but there is hope that you may experiance this joy of gaming.
And NOW, I shall go back to watching anime.

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