Zero no Tsukaima – Futatsuki no Kishi

So I missed a good bit of anime thanks to being away at AIT and such. Important shows like Gurren Lagann, and Shakugan no Shana 2 I had sent to me but the ones that weren’t high on my list I just waited for when I was back with my constant income of anime and I would go back and watch those shows once I felt it was time.

I must admit I had very low expectations going into Zero S2. The first season did not impress me much and when the second season was announced I originally thought of skippping it. But with the fact that a Season 3 started and the blogs I read say it is actually doing well. I decided it was time to finally watch.

And I have to admit, I think I actually enjoyed this season more then the first. It still has many problems, but somehow they just don’t seem to be as annoying this time around. Also the increase of female characters while the males all left for war might have helped. XD

Siesta in much the same way comes back and this time she’s out to win Saito’s heart.

The fanservice has been upgraded a good deal. It’s still not anywhere near the original novel but it’s as close as we can hope for the anime.

I loved the two scenes of Agnes taking her revenge, and the entire fight with Colbert sensei was nicely animated. The Last ep was near perfect. Awesome battle, wonderful setup for the next season, the only thing that ruined possibly the best episode yet was the fact that Luise overreacts any time another girl is even mentioned in Saito’s presence.  But hey, her overracting and causing everything to explode is practicly a staple of the show.

The staple of the show in one picture

I actually enjoyed this season of the show, and will be watching the third now that I’m caught up. In fact I’ve already watched the first ep of S3. And so far it’s looking to be another good season. Too bad he’s never actually going to get anywhere in that relationship he’s in. Should have gone for the maid, always go for the big breasted maid.

ALSO, YAY pictures.

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