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Currently playing around with idea of trying to get a real blog and not just use an LJ. I would of course prefer to get one at I was playing around with the idea a lot last year before I shipped out. But then realizing that even if I did get one I wasn’t that great at updating, no idea on readers(I really don’t know much about this one.) AND if I had applied for one then I would have felt bad cause I wouldn’t have been able to use it much anyways till I got back. So I decided against it back then, but now I’m back and will be back till at least July and the idea of getting a real blog interests me.

Currently WordPress stands out as being the prime choice if I did it. And it even offers the ability to pull the stuff I have here over, which is a neat idea. The second thing it would do is actually give me statistics, currently the only times I know someone has read anything I write is when they comment.  And that’s not all that often.
I kinda figure that people on my friends list can read my posts. But again, I have no idea if they really are or anything………..

I think I’ll just continue playing around with the idea……. or test run.

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