Dennō Coil

So to kick off my first week with a neat new blog site, I thought I’d start out with something worth talking about. Denno Coil (also known as Coil – A Circle of Children).

"The Hacker"

“The Hacker”

In the future, glasses have given the world the ability to practically live IN the internet. Or more precisely display a digital overlay onto the world. But in Daikoku City, the technological center of this megane filled world, something is amiss. A mysterious entity known as the Illegal are causing havoc in the city, what caused these strange creatures and why do they exist?

The show itself revolves around a group of grade school children as they find themselves in the middle of this mystery. They start out simple enough, trying to save their digital pets that have gone missing or have been infected by the Illegals. All the while having to run away from the city’s overzealous Anti-virus program, AKA Sacchi, before it destroys their infected pet or even worse corrupt their megane. Eventually leading to trying to figure out the mystery of the Illegal, special treasures, rumors of a net entity that will grant you any wish, and what happened four years ago.

Probably the #1 thing this show will be remembered for is all the running. Every time the Illegal show up, running, every time Sacchi shows up, running, every time they are late for school….. well you get the idea. These children could put those Olympic runners to shame with their mad skillz. And I have to admit the animations for running never felt annoying, unlike others…….

Spam Attack

Spam Attack

The glasses themselves are a neat idea. For within the augmented reality these children have instantaneous access to all forms of the internet, cellphones, virtual pets, and best of all war games. The only problem I saw with these glasses is the lack of privacy, how are we supposed to view our NSFW pictures if everyone around us can see exactly what we are looking at.

Another thing that’s note worthy about the show is the pacing. Many gave up on the show while it was broadcasting due to this slow pacing. Personally the pacing reminded me of Serial Experiments Lain…. in fact there were a number of things about the show that reminded me of both Lain and .hack://Sign. But I’m one of those people that loved both those shows so the pacing did not effect me much. As far as slower paced shows go this one is very well done. It never looses sight of where it’s going and everything that happens, happens for a reason.

Fishing for Illegals

Fishing for Illegals

Denno Coil is a good show, and I really recommend giving it a try. If the pacing doesn’t kill you, you’ll end up loving this show.

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