Turn Over A New Leaf (Updated)

So, now that I have this fancy new site that I’m playing around with. And still more hours of just surfing the internet doing nothing then any human should ever do without anything productive coming from it. I have decided that I should try something new for this site.

The idea, do something consistent. Usually every other week or so I suddenly remembered, “Hey, I should post stuff to my Anime Blog” And then I would post 2-3 things over the span of 24 hours, forgetting about the site until the next time. I think it would be productive to start doing something at the very least 1 consistent post a week. By consistent I mean a post along a similar theme…… And thinking about my history with anime the best idea I’ve had so far for this idea is that I should make a weekly post about one of the random anime I watch and or am watching that the larger blogs I read don’t mention much.  And the idea would be that on top of this weekly post I would do more usual stuff.

Episodic posts have never really been my style, but intros to new seasons, ends of seasons, and basic reviews of shows I’ve completed are fun to do so I’ll try to focus on these for now.

*Update: So after thinking about it I realized that when I started talking about a show that I’m currently watching I’d start setting it up to be reviewed and that wasn’t the point of this. And I’d feel weird just picking the latest ep and talking about that. So currently I’m thinking that I’ll do a first impressions sort of thing. Show some pics from early on, and say if it’s worth watching or not.  We’ll see how that idea goes.

2 Responses to Turn Over A New Leaf (Updated)

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  2. TheBigN says:

    Good luck with that. :3

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