Anime Stuck in Limbo

After reading about the rumors that Vandread might be getting the rumored sequel, I started thinking about other shows. More specifically shows that have been announced once, and then just disappeared off the face of the planet.

First up Kiddy Grade 2: Current Status, MIA

I mention this one first because not only was it announced, there is in fact an almost seven minute long Pilot DVD that came out for it. I got pretty excited over this show, while the original had it’s up and downs overall I enjoyed the show. And that was BEFORE I found out Aya Hirano was one of the mains and that I should watch it JUST because of that.

Mai Hime Destiny: Current Status, Unknown.

This one is just a rumor from what I can tell. After looking around on the internet, The Source would appear to be that one blog post. While being a bigger fan of Hime over Otome, the Destiny storyline is still in the wrong direction so if this one just disappears into the void I won’t miss it.  NOW, if they were to make that fake movie from the Mai Otome one DVD, THAT would be epic awesome.

Haruhi Suzumiya, Season 2. Current Status, It’ll come out eventually.

This show doesn’t exactly fit with the disappeared off the face of the earth after one announcement, but the season IS about the Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya. Anyways, while we all HOPE that this will come out eventually, and there has also been more then just one simple announcement about it. It has to be admitted that It has already been close to 2 years from the original teasers, and we still only have a hopefully end of 2009 as the expected date. That and a rather nice June issue of Newtype to look at.

Somehow when I started this I thought there were more but this is currently the list of shows I can think of. If anyone else out there can think of one feel free to comment.

Honorable Mentions for ToS: The Animation Part 2, FMP TheNextSeason, Vandread 2, Shana S3, Full Metal Alchemist 2, Black Lagoon S3, and Inuyasha Part 2. For having PLENTY of rumors and fans who keep wanting a next season but still no official announcement.  As the prize of an honorable mention, here’s some wrathful loli crossover.

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