One Death is NEVER Enough

What really triggered this for me was ep 7 of Zero no Tsukaima S3. While Season 3 has many things going for it, See pic below.

Overall I feel it destroyed too much of what S2 worked so hard to build. The FINAL nail in that coffin though was Colbert Sensei coming back from the TOTAL and 100% dead. Now I’m sure there’s going to be plenty explaining as to how/why in the next episode, especially since Kirche is with him and he’s flying in on a huge plane from our world. BUT I MEAN REALLLY! He was given an ep to show that he was GAR, and DIED protecting the girl who for 3 episodes before that was looking to kill him(though didn’t learn his true identity till that fight). His death was even used as a motivator for Saito. And they give us THIS.

This is a Sunrise move, and you know it.

This is a Sunrise move, and you know it.

His revival got me thinking about the other deaths in the show. It hasn’t happened too much yet this season, but we’re still early on. But the second season began with Prince Wales coming back from the dead to kidnap the princess. Then the season ends with Saito dieing on the battlefield, in possibly one of the best scenes this show has ever seen, and then being brought back from the dead by Tiffannia(who he can’t remember anything about other then having HUGE breasts).

So, I guess, the gloves are off, now any even slightly important character who dies can be brought back to life in this show. Too bad Saito and Louise’s Marriage can’t get the same treatment.

I’ve never been a huge fan of bringing dead characters back. It always feels like the writer thought it would be awesome, and then realized that the character was in some way useful to the story later on(What if Death Note ended with L coming out of the shadows and delivered the crushing blow to Light). But in my opinion it shows that the writer wasn’t thinking about the plot and only the ratings. Sunrise has a rather long history of doing this. <_< They even joke about it in one of the Gundam 00 trailers. I don’t hate Sunrise, far from it, I enjoy their shows. Just every time one of their character’s die I take it with a grain of salt(even Nunnally).

P.S. The internet says that it is revealed in the next ep that Kirche helped stage Colbert’s death, and that he’s been away recovering and studying useful things for the plot. The problem I see with this is Louise is the one that pronounces him DEAD back in the second season. >_>

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