Eternal Sonata First Impressions

At the 4.5 hour mark I have decided that ES is the simple-man’s RPG, stats aren’t important(there isn’t even MP), combat isn’t insanely complex. I mean there isn’t even inn’s or anything that you have to heal at, I’ve never seen, used or needed any kind of healing place like that, the potions the game hands out like candy is MORE then enough. I mean REALLY more then enough. The money you can make extremely easily, Mixed with the fact that you don’t need to buy much…… Lvling up comes often and increase your health noticeably again adding into the never needing to heal. But it’s fun, and looks amazing(AMAZING!!!!), the music is really good as well.   So ya, It’s not like any RPG I’ve played before, ^_^ But I like it.

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