The Fans Want Lelouch Alive

September 30, 2008

Even though it is Sunrise and all, it IS possible for them to kill off a character….. But the fans sure don’t seem to be thinking that. Everywhere I look there are people claiming not only did he somehow survive, but he could very well be the covered from head to toe guy(NOT REAL btw) driving C.C. around at the end. This idea seems to have an origin thanks to C.C.’s last line “The Power of Kings, called Geass, will make people lonely. I suppose that wasn’t quite true.” then she lifts her head slightly and raises her voice asking, “Right, Lelouch?”  But couldn’t she just be talking to the sky/heaven(if he could really go there?)or maybe the World of C? (My vote goes to her talking to the pink crane).

Common claims I’ve seen saying he could have survived usually reference him somehow gaining Charles’s code. Thus giving him Immortality. The problem I see with this theory is that from what we have seen the code replaces the Geass. So when C.C. got her code she no longer had the Geass to make everyone love her. Lelouch on the other hand erased Charles from existence while in the World of C. And used his Geass a LOT after returning. We also never saw Lelouch with the code.

It also can’t be C.C.’s code because in taking the code you kill. And since she is still VERY much alive that is not a possibility.

There is also the fact that Nunnally has “magic hands” that at the VERY least are able to read someone’s pulse well enough to work as a lie detector. I would think that they would work well enough to tell her if her brother had just died or not. The best argument I’ve seen so far though for him having a code is in fact this same scene. Much like in the first ep of season1 when he touches C.C. and can see her memories this event could be paralleled with what happened with Nunnally as we see him die.

Then again, we don’t really know much of the specifics on when they die how the code brings them back. The first time C.C. died (ep1ofS1) she didn’t just stand right back up, but every other time someone with the code gets killed they just stand back up within a minute. Like when Charles died he just stood right back up.

Personally I ride with the he’s dead and never coming back train. I think his sacrifice was epic and well done, and to say that he went into that with immortality. It just ruins it and you might as well say that he and Suzaku trade places as Zero after having hours of gay sex every day.

PS.  As I was wrapping this up, I found some pretty good posts. So if your up to go even deeper into the meaning of the ending check out this post. It’s a response to another pretty good post but I prefer that one since it sounds like he’s on the same train. A good post for the HE IS alive fight can be found here.

Saimoe Tournament R2 C-D

September 29, 2008

Not as exciting as other weeks, Clannad and Lucky Star are still doing well, rather surprised and excited that Amu has made it this far. Minami Kei is surprising me, and looks to be a hard team to beat.

Spice and Wolf gets picked up by Yen Press

September 29, 2008

News like this ROCKS my day. Yen Press first showed up on the scene with the rights to Spiral ~ Bonds of Reasoning. A manga that got stuck in limbo for something like 2 years when Tokyopop tried to license it. Then they rocked the scene with news of finally bringing over the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya novels. Now with this news they have jumped up to my all star list of awesome distros only one step behind Tokyopop and DelRay.

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Zero Re;quiem

September 29, 2008

I’m going to post about a specific episode. Also, since it’s the last episode of the show, I’ll be throwing in what I thought of the show as a whole as well. There are also like 45 pics from the episode past the break.

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Fall 08, No Planning Involved.

September 28, 2008

I’ve tried the whole, “those shows look good these shows don’t look good” thing before. And from those I usually end up watching and enjoying the shows I put as I wouldn’t be watching more then a lot of the shows that I that I though I would like.  So you won’t be seeing me choose what shows I’ll be watching before the season is in full swing. Instead I’m going to go with the “shotgun” approach and attempt to watch as many of the shows as I can and from that determine what shows I’ll be watching for the season.

There is also a decent chance that I’ll blog one of those shows episodically, more likely than not it won’t be a super popular show like Clannad2 or Gundam002. I think it would be more fun doing a show not already being done by everybody else.

D.Gray-Man: Beginning at the End

September 28, 2008

My timing is epic, there is no other explanation. I posted here that I was finally going to give DGM a try, two years after it started in Fall of 06. And then thanks to following the d.gray-man tag on wordpress, the first blog I found told of it’s demise. So 103 episodes to work through as the Epic Fall 08 season starts up.

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The Loan From Hell

September 27, 2008

I could call the thing Zombie Loan, the review. But that’s not creative enough for a show like this.

Actually this is going to be a first for this blog, I’m writing about a show that I didn’t like.

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