Check Out: Special A

What do you get when you take the rich school from Ouran Highschool and the competitive nature of His and Her Circumstances (Kare Keno)? Why you get something along the lines of Special A. The show about a Girl and Guy competing over who’s the best at everything ever(though in this story the girl is ALWAYS #2). All while being part of a super awesome club that is so awesome they get their own uniforms and don’t have to go to class because they are awesome.  And you know it has to be awesome cause I used the word awesome three times in that sentence.

Now this series has a very passionate following for the manga. And every one of the people I’ve heard from that crowd has said this anime adaptation sucks(comparatively). I have not read the manga, but my view of the series has been that it’s pretty good.

All the Japanese schools have giant Royal Greenhouses for their top students.

The show is silly, and lighthearted. And is enjoyable to watch. That being said, there isn’t much that brings the show above the likes of Ouran, in fact comparatively this show falls short.

Animation wise I see no problems, it has a nice clean style, and the watercolor like scenes when an emotional connection happens is a nice touch.  The music is fine but nothing there worth buying. The story/drama is simple and straightforward(maybe the manga has a bit more depth?). And the characters themselves bring a good bit to the show, though, some of the side characters have more development then the mains of the show.

Box Vaulting the S.A. way.

Box Vaulting the S.A. way.

It’s a fun watch, and if you enjoy Highschool comedy/drama of the rich and elite with one poor girl at the center of attention you might truly enjoy this series. So Check Out Special A.

2 Responses to Check Out: Special A

  1. Ceriel says:

    Hah, this looks entertaining. I was actually contemplating whether or not to watch this series earlier…and then I found your blog! I’m looking forward to the “highschool comedy/drama of the rich and elite with one poor girl at the center of attention” you mentioned.

    It always seems that way with ‘reading the manga before watching the anime thing’. Chances are that if people watched the anime before reading the manga, they’d enjoy it more.

    Also: I love your banner!

  2. bluestreak2 says:

    Thanks for the comment. ^_^
    Personally the whole Manga vs Anime thing in my opinion is silly. There are times where the Anime tries to do things differently then the manga like flesh out the characters more and other things like that. For example the Welcome to the NHK manga and anime have a totally different aim, and the anime could have been even better if it had diverged a bit more from the manga. Rozen Maiden as well did a pretty good job at this.
    Sadly there are a lot more instances where the anime in some way ROYALLY SCREWS up everything like with the Tsubasa anime, or the original Negima.
    I believe in giving both a proper chance, and in many cases read/watch them both at the same time, like I did with Hayate no Gotoku.

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