Letter of Apology

Reflecting on my latest post I feel I’ve been rude and a little out of control. And I would like to clarify some things.

First, I’ve been ranting about characters dieing in anime then reappearing alive, and not in the best of tastes has my writing been. I feel that I really don’t need to keep harping on this. And not ALL deaths in Sunrise anime are worthless.

Second, I truly enjoy watching Sunrise anime. I may go kinda crazy over some of their shows, but that’s just to show how much I love em. Though for the company I respect and love that honor goes to Gainax, their shows are hard to beat. And KyoAni is my go to for any novel to anime translation, also their animation is just amazing every time.

So, ya I feel the topic of dead characters coming back to life and my going HA, or ARgghh about it is done until something on the lvl of Micheal/Mikhail showing up again and them claiming that he survived cause he was half Zentradi.

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