Saimoe Tournament 2008

The Saimoe Tournament is an all out war between Otaku fought over which anime girl is this year’s definition of Moe.

If you’re interested I suggest hitting up Kurogane’s blog, every year he does a daily update as the tournament goes with vote counts and everything.

What am I doing though? Well, I like to have a picture showing who lost and who’s still in. So that’s what I did, and instead of just keeping it to myself I’ll be posting them here as the thing goes. So check after the break for some pictures of the results so far.

PS. I’m no Photoshop Pro or anything <_< so don’t look at me like it should be a masterpiece of score keeping. It’s just a little something to easily see how things are going.

One Response to Saimoe Tournament 2008

  1. […] Saimoe Tournament 2008 Post2 Here’s the first round matches for Groups E-F. If you missed my first post with A-D’s first round you can find that here. […]

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