XXXholic Kei

Why so late? Well, the simple answer is waiting for Widescreen version. And…… I’m going to leave it at that.

For those showing up late to the party, Watanuki has the power to see spirits, ghosts and all that other weird stuff. The spirits and such are also rather attracted to him because of it. One day he stumbles upon a shop that grants wishes and there asks Yuuko to end his torment. She agrees, but nothing comes free so until he can pay the debt he must work at her shop. This is where his being the only surviving member of his family and being super awesome at everything house duty wise comes in handy.

You can think of the anime/manga as collections of short stories. All in some way affected by this world of spirits. The first season foreshadowed rather heavily that classmate Himawari was more then she appeared. But nothing actually happened that season, thus when this season started and the answer to this question had just recently been reveled in the manga it was pretty obvious that her story arc was going to be the aim of the season.

I’ve been reading the manga for like 4 years, so I always end up comparing the anime too it. The first season lost a lot of points with me due to the animation, and that problem wasn’t resolved in this season. It’s not that the show looks bad or anything, the show just looks like it has no budget. Not a destroying factor, but definitely one that hurts more then helps.

So without the allure of pretty animation the show has to rely on story. The first season had it’s ups and downs in this department. The second season on the other hand had it easy, with only 13 eps to worry about and possibly the best story so far from the manga to work with they would have had to royally screw things up not to have it in the bag. Thankfully, they not only didn’t screw up, they actually did a  really good job of translating Himawari’s story over from the manga.

The only thing that happened this season to bring it down was the build up to Himawari’s arc got extended by them adding in an extra arc to push her’s to the end as the climax of the season. But in doing so they ended up having to do a quick little four minute recap when they came back to her arc and that just felt severally out of place.

Another thing that even though she’s also in the manga the Zashiki-warashi feels like she has a more important role in the anime. Then again it could just be that they have her and the Ame-warashi show up during every filler ep. But I really don’t mind that, I’ve always voted for her to win Watanuki instead of Himawari.

This season was a great success. And widescreen always makes me think better of a show. Though I still find the end songs more annoying then enjoyable but oh wellz.

P.S. My weekend was crazy busy. I’ll try to get back into that groove I had going. But I’m a little backlogged now.

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  1. Dan says:

    Dude, I loved this show.

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