Check Out: Kyouran Kazoku Nikki

A new God is in town, and this omniscient, all powerful, nekomimi, kami-sama is here to kick ass, take names, OH and start a family in her free time. But the family is the easy part, the members were all picked due to being the 6 descendants of a super powerful demon, Enka, who’s dieing words were that in 1000 years his child would destroy the world.

The members include, Kyouka our all powerful kami-sama as the mother. She has the handy dandy “cellphone” power that allows her all sorts of mind control powers. The father role goes to normal Human Ouka, he’s on assignment from the paranormal agency and is to keep watch to see if any of the members exhibit signs of trying to destroy the world. Next up is the youngest daughter Yuuka, she’s probably the most normal member in the entire family. The 3 sons of the group, the Bister King Teika (aka Lion who can speak), the Biological Weapon Hyouka, and the oldest son Ginka…… who’s gay. The last member of the family is a pink Jellyfish, she LOVES sushi.

Flashback Chika is cute.

There’s also Yuuka’s older sister, Chika, she’s there because of awesome circumstances that I don’t want to spoil too much. But I do have to say that she totally stole her emo outfit from Suigintou. She’s also there as fan service 9 times out of 10, but you won’t see me complain about that.

The show itself is pretty much aimed at kids, in fact some of it reminds me so strongly of other shows like Keroro Gunsou I had to check to see if they were in anyway connected. From my research not by much, but it’s that type of show. Most episodes follow Kyouka’s hijinks, or sometimes it’s up to this family frenzy to save the world. In any case the show tends to have a moral to the story that the power of family will overcome any problems. And if not then some Deus Ex Machina(read Jellyfish) can step in and set everything straight anyways.

The characters all standout, of course Kyouka is the loudest of all of them. The show is honestly fun to watch. And more often then not it’ll leave a smile on your face. Watch out for the first story arc though, eps 2-3 deal with Yuuka’s past, and can be a bit of a downer at times. But that’s just to build contrast to how awesome a real family is I’m sure.

The art is a little weird at times, the thing with the eyes when the character is shocked or whatever is a little weird. But for the most part it’s good stuff. The music has a couple of strong points, the strongest being the OP/EDs. The OP is the third Mosiac.wav song I can remember hearing, the first two being their work on Sumomomo Momomo. And I think the OP is PERFECT for this show.

The Character specific EDs are also a very nice touch. Kyouka’s is my favorite just for being so insanely energetic and perfectly fitting of her. Ouka’s is watching him do squats for half of it…….. The others are also nice, but I don’t want to give away to much here.

If your ready for a fast paced comedy that’s rated PG, this show is a good choice. So Check Out, Kyouran Kazoku Nikki.

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