Shin Megami Tensei Online: Imagine *Update

Wow a JMMORPG is actually being released to the US and UK. For the PC of course. Source

The game was closed beta in japan since around Oct of 2004, and officially released in 2007.

This part may change but I also read that it’s much like the Korean MMOs in that once you have the game there are no monthly fee, instead you use real currency to buy higher end equipment/items and such.

As for the game itself I’ve heard a lot of websites mention that the game only received a “lukewarm” reception, and back in 2007 it was presumed that the game would never be brought over. Well, Atlus proved them wrong.

Personally, I’d still be more excited if .hack//Fragment was brought over(even though it was terminated back in 2006), but if this game does indeed get brought over and stays as the no monthly fee. I will be playing.

*Update: It’s actually Aeria Games that licensed the game and is bringing it over to the US/EU regions. And according to Kotaku, Aeria usually has speedy beta releases. They also claim that the game itself has become a huge success with a large fan following in Japan.

Aeria’s webpage setup and color schemes reminds me of gPotato for some reason, and from the looks of their other games this game should stay free to play, which means when it does come out I will be losing sleep, lots of sleep.

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