Force Unleashed, 7Lvls later

So I’ve made it to Lvl 8, and the #1 thing on my mind is OMG the Force Powers are AWESOME!!!! The first thing I had to do was max out my lightning, and get all of the attacks that infuse lightning with my lightsaber.  It really is a fun game. Currently I’m wishing that they would gave me more Force Powers Points per lvl.

The game looks great, story is epic, soundtrack is Star Wars, Force is Unleashed, and the voice acting and character animations are some of the best I’ve seen. The AI and Physics are at times great, and at times worthy of a broken award.

BUT I’m going to hammer out some of the bad parts. I haven’t yet made it to the infamous “this boss battle is epic broken.” That EVERYONE as complained about. But after seeing how a lot of the other boss battles have gone, and the fact that the game has a fair amount of bugs I won’t doubt it.

Personally I have not experienced any major bugs on my 360 so far. There are reports of “Endless falls, getting stuck on the scenery, suddenly invulnerable enemies, no unlocked item or achievement glitch.” The ONLY glitches I’ve seen so far have been when a door tried closing on an object I was force moving and the item in question glitched out. And in the first lvl(the Tie Fighter facility, from the demo) I found some items that I could lock onto and move but the actual visual layer or whatever hadn’t loaded, only saw that twice though. That’s it, that’s been the only things I’ve found in my play through so far. The game also has a problem with the screen cutting at times, and by times I mean all of it.

As for bosses, they could have been a LOT better. The first thing, For minibosses and such the timed button press thing I’m ok with there. It adds a cinematic flair to the battles. But the way that they are used in the boss fights for every lvl really urks me. You HAVE to kill the boss in this prescripted fashion, but you can fail. If you fail you just start the combo or whatever over again from the beginning with no other penalties. Which just looks stupid when you repeat the same scenes twice(or more) all because you didn’t press the X button fast enough.

Also some of the bosses are incredibly cheap. I ended up having to replay the third lvl’s boss fight six times before I finally won. You can Saber lock or Force lock and then do a little minigame usually rapidly press a button or timed button press. Well that’s all great and awesome….. until the bosses are constantly spawning extra baddies that will walk up to you when your stuck in this lock and the second you finish land a series of combos on you. The boss fights also tend to have even more stuff to lock onto then a normal lvl so targeting the actual boss can become a tad bit frustrating. Mixed with the fact that they are invulnerable to you half the time anyways, and it’s just plain cheap.

The last little urk I have about the game is the “platforming.” Every now and then you have to jump long distances, or jump from one thing to another to another to another. The problem is a lot of the stuff your jumping on has a slippery effect to the edges. The second part that kills it is the moment you fall it feels like your being pushed down you fall so fast, leaving no time to try and save yourself. So a good number of the harder to reach Holocrons can become a real chore to get too.

Even so, the game is a LOT of fun even with these problems. I’ll play through the game another time with one of the other characters you can unlock probably on a harder difficulty. I also want to finish collecting all the Holocrons, somehow I miss one and only one every lvl.

But the game is short, no denying that even with dying a lot it looks like you can beat the game in a day or two. So if you are up on the fence about this game, RENT IT. You’ll feel better that you didn’t spend that extra $50 to actually own the game, and chances are you’ll enjoy it and beat it in that rental period.

2 Responses to Force Unleashed, 7Lvls later

  1. […] All that I said before still holds true. The game is fun, and it EASILY feels as if our apprentice, Starkiller, is the strongest user of the force EVER. There are a lot of reviews that complain about the bugs and such. The worst I ran into was one time the final boss(for the good end) froze on me while invulnerable, but a quick death and restart from the beginning of that fight fixed that problem. […]

  2. Dave b says:

    Yes it is a really fun game, i have already played threw it twice and enjoyed it both times. i have gotten the achivement glitch as well as the Darth vader one, had to restart game 3 times both times to fix Vader.

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