Force Unleashed, is stealing my life

So my usual schedule has changed dramatically when Force Unleashed was released. I’ll be back eventually, but for now my anime intake has been put on hold.

The Midnight launch was boring, but according to the manager there, the rest of the midnight launches this year (which according to him, will happen for every game you would expect it to happen for). Pizza Hut and Mountain Dew will be available at all others, and hopefully it won’t just end up being a group of seven nerds standing outside the door talking about Star Wars and challenging themselves with trivia.

I also got myself one of the Storm Trooper Commander figures. So it wasn’t all bad.

I’ve only played the game for 2 hours so far, I’ve heard all the reviews calling it buggy, and all those other things. And a LOT of that is true… I’ve seen some pretty weird glitches, but the game is still fun, picking up a Tie Fighter and throwing it at a group of baddies, or maybe instead just force gripping/pushing all of them into the abyss is just SO satisfying. There are also a great deal of unlockables that I’m totally a sucker for.

There were also some complaints that it takes like half the game to get back to how bad ass you were in the demo. That’s not exactly true, you get Force Lightning in the second lvl, and I’m not sure when you get the lightsaber throw. That’s basically the only two things that you’ll be missing when you start the game as the apprentice, and as long as your hunting those Holocrons you’ll get powered up nice and quickly.

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