Force Unleashed, Finished

By finished, I mean the first run. But I can give you my final thoughts on the game. Total Time: 7:41:04. 27/47 Achievements. And only missing 16ish Holocrons I think. I’ll find a guide for both next time I play the game so that I can pick up the rest.

All that I said before still holds true. The game is fun, and it EASILY feels as if our apprentice, Starkiller, is the strongest user of the force EVER. There are a lot of reviews that complain about the bugs and such. The worst I ran into was one time the final boss(for the good end) froze on me while invulnerable, but a quick death and restart from the beginning of that fight fixed that problem.

I also found a couple of websites claiming that the PS3 version of the game is more prone to crashing and other bugs/glitches. There are also some who are saying that the version sent out for reviews had more bugs in it then the final retail.

Personally I thought the pull down the Star Destroyer sequence was pretty awesome. It probably would have been better if there weren’t waves of Tie-Fighters during it, but still very awesome. The story ended even more epic then I thought. At this point I realized, the length of the game is more or less perfect for the story. Unlike Assassin’s Creed which about half way through started feeling far to repetitive and boring, this game had a really good pace to it.

The last thing I want to say is that I was disappointed about the amount of points they end up giving you for your lvling up. In the end I had 6 points that I couldn’t use because I had already purchased all of the saber attacks that I could. But I needed at least 19 more to max out my force powers. As well as 21 more points needed to max out the stats.

THERE, now that I’m done with that, time to go back to watching anime.

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