The Third: Aoi Hitomi no Shoujo Review

The basic plot of The Third is: after a truly epic world war leaving the earth nothing more then a desert wasteland. A mutation of humans called The Third, who are distinguished by a third red eye on their foreheads, have appeared. With the ability to communicate with technology and each other telepathically, they took over as guardians of the earth and humans. To keep another war of that scale from ever happening again The Third have created a Technos Taboo, leaving all technology and research beyond a certain lvl only available to The Third. To enforce the Technos Taboo they have automated foot soldiers patrolling the cities. And if the case warrants it they have the Blue Breaker, The Third’s final punishment for those who refuse to follow the law.

Our story centers around Honoka, known locally as “the Sword Dancer”, she is a jack of all trades, willing to do any job for a price. Most of these jobs in some way deal with her traveling into the desert in her tank, that’s controlled by an AI in a Bio-Brain called Bogie. Almost immediately she runs into Iks(Ikus), a mysterious traveler with a healing touch, who joins her on her journey.

Plug Suits are a great thing

Honoka is a great character, she’s a 17 year old girl with a pure heart. Throughout the story we watch as she saves the world, as she grows with every experience. They gave her a good background history to work with through the show. Her sword skills could even rival that of Kenshin’s by the end of the show. And she’s just a great main for the show.

The animation is solid for most of the show. There were two episodes where the budget took a huge drop or it was just sloppy character animation but out of 24 episodes overall the series looks great. The designs as well for everything look surprisingly fitting in this desert world. The tank especially is a real work of art. The desert landscapes are always different, and at night they always have a beautiful scene featuring it.

The story is what you would expect on most lvls, my first impression of the show was the same feeling I had when watching Outlaw Star. It’s not the same but the feel and progress of the shows are similar. She gets a mobile suit, called a PSP early on, but it only ever feels like a piece of armor to get shot up quickly so that she can jump out of it and win the day with her katana. Iks turns out to be exactly what we know he is from the first ep, but it really works for the show. The Third, Joganki, ends up having a much deeper character then I expected, but in the end we only really get to know three of The Third in the entire story.

Honoka’s tank really is my favorite part of the show though, the CG for it is spot on. With every action sequence it’s in being more memorable then most of the fights in Code Geass. The only thing in the show that can rival it is Honoka’s sword.

I really have no idea how I let this one slip by me two years ago. I remember seeing bits and pieces of it on blog sites back then and going oh, that actually looks like a good show. But I never got around to watching it till now. If the novel ever happens to start being translated I’ll have to put it on my list of must reads.

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