Hulu gets Death Note

They also got some of Naruto, and (dubbed) Mushi-Shi with plans for more anime to appear. What really made me go “oh” was the fact that ALL of DN is up there subbed. I’m a big fan of online streaming video, I don’t have cable or satellite(all I have is a computer). Heck, I’ve never even set up an antenna or anything so that I could watch local channels. So even shows like Heroes I either wait for the streaming version or I go download the torrent.

Back to Hulu though, Hulu is a pretty nice site. The video quality is FAR superior to the likes of youtube and veoh, a downside to this quality is that they have usually three commercial breaks during their shows. Another is that they have what feels like a small library.

I started DN ep 1 up, I’ve already seen this episode 2 times, once when it was first getting fansubs (stopped watching once it got licensed), then the dub off of AdultSwim’s stream just to check it out. So when I heard that Hulu had subs I had to check it out.

And I’m not all that impressed. First, they decided to shrink the video size so that there is a box at the bottom to place the subs. There are plus and minus sides to this, what I don’t find agreeable is the fact that in this box for the subs is a Viz Media logo that will at times cover the subs.  The second thing that weirded me out, that you can kinda see above, is that during the intro they have a “karaoke” thing going, at first I thought it comical that Viz was doing something that Fansubs do almost to an extreme. And then I realized that they only ever have the English version of the song shown…. but the song itself is in Japanese…… so what is the point of having karaoke effects going if the lyrics and the words aren’t even in the same language.

Overall for a legal and free way to easily watch a licensed show, I have to admit Hulu is a good step forward. And if I cared about seeing the show without the logo, commercials, and loss of screen size/quality, that’s what the DVDs are for. And down the road I just might watch a show on there, maybe.

P.S. Viz is doing the same thing over at Joost, but you have to sign up and download stuff to use that site, and I refuse to go through that much work for streaming video.

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