Code Geass R2 OST 2

Just a little, throw out to the first OST that I’ve actually felt enough desire to go get since Gurren Lagann’s OST(though that one I only got for like 5 of the songs).  Usually I just get singles or Best Of collections, but something about the music in Code Geass R2 stood out. So I went and got this OST, and I have to admit, I’m even more impressed then I was expecting.

Notable favorites from the cd:

Track1- Boku wa, Tori ni Naru (Hitomi)

Track3- Aura,   Just because I’ve heard it so much from the show, and practically think of it as the theme.

Track10- What’s Justice

Track19- And more…

Track25- Nunnally,   it’s just beautiful.

Track27- Misconduct,    simply because it reminds me of the Hallow Bastion theme from Kingdom Hearts.

Track30- Continued Story (Hitomi),   I’ll be watching out for this one on the last episode.

PS. Kinda want to watch the show a second time now, just so that I can figure out where some of these are used like Forbidden City and Last Evening.

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