Fall 06 (No Really 2006)

Yes, that’s right, this post is about shows that started two years ago.

First, Tokimeki Memorial Only Love, I said in this post from about two years ago, that I’d be watching the show to completion. Well, the problem with that plan was the subs slowed and then for a good while disappeared entirely(Kinda like Negima!?’s ep 24 only coming out last month.) Well the show did finish getting subs at some point and while over these two years it somehow doesn’t look anywhere near as good as I remember(DARN YOU MIND AND YOUR PLAYING TRICKS ON ME!!!!!) I’ll be doing my best to finish it this time.

But with the feeling that I’m in need of a “good” show to watch I was browsing this thing called Damned, and reading some of the stories or whatever that are going on. Suddenly I realize as one of the characters explode, covering the room in her blood, I NEVER watched D.Gray-Man. Not even a little bit, I’ve “heard things” about it. But I have never watched a single episode or even a trailer. I think part of the reason was that I was already watching so many shows that season(Fall06 was a good season), and the second was because Bleach was better when I first saw the name I mistook it for D.Crap-Man.

So a quick look around and I see that D.Gray-Man is still around, and in fact decently popular so I figure finding the first couple seasons would be a breeze. I was wrong, turns out Funi got the rights to at least the first two seasons of the show, and Funi is pretty good at sending those cease uploading this show letters. But as the Internet does, you can find anything if you know where to look. So I’m going into the show hoping for the best. And that’s why I’m still up at 4:30 in the morning, the Quest for Anime.

One Response to Fall 06 (No Really 2006)

  1. […] timing is epic, there is no other explanation. I posted here that I was finally going to give DGM a try, two years after it started in Fall of 06. And then […]

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