The Loan From Hell

I could call the thing Zombie Loan, the review. But that’s not creative enough for a show like this.

Actually this is going to be a first for this blog, I’m writing about a show that I didn’t like.

I originally dropped the show after the first episode when it first started airing. Recently I fell in love with Shugo Chara, and I’ve been a fan of Rozen Maiden ever since it started. I had a bad experience with DearS, but I figured there was a chance that Peach-Pit made that one as a fan service manga and that maybe I was harsh on Zombie Loan. Disappointingly Zombie Loan really is nothing special at all, and frankly not worth watching.

The story, basically some random high school girl has eyes that let her see black rings around people’s necks when they are about to die, or already dead. But only when she takes her glasses off, which is never explained in the slightest. Well, things happen, a school nurse tries to eat her “friend’s” flesh and wouldn’t you know it, this girl decides to jump out and take a fatal blow to protect her. Well turns out these two dead guys decide her eyes might be useful, so they buy her some more time. She gets to live, and is now caught up in a crazy adventure about hunting zombies with two zombies so that they can pay off their loan and be brought back to life.

“My Egg had an X on it T_T”

The female cast of the show is fun to watch, you have the loli chairman, she’s quiet. The I want to rape you Yomi, who shares the body of Koyomi who while not being as awesome, is still fun to watch. And the I have no idea what she is but Yuuta has the most diverse amount of outfits and 2 extra personalities that live in her hands.

Peach-Pit’s artistic style is surprisingly strong here. I won’t go so far as to say it’s bad, but simple in not the good way(it’s a style that looks fine in manga but the contrast in the anime is just too great). The color scheme of the show sometimes works but most of the time just doesn’t. With only 11 episodes, the shows budget still looks like it had none, probably less then that of XXXholic.

“We don’t even know WHY we have to trade our hands in order to fight.”

The plot itself doesn’t even try to make sense instead opting to go the route of “I’m cool.” The amount of time they spend on explaining WHY these things are happening is pretty much zero. During the final arc I actually got my hopes up when the guy pulling the strings says he’ll answer some questions. And he does…. but only the one question that was relevant to the arc, even going so far as to say he wouldn’t tell him WHY anything is happening.

It probably would have fared better if they had injected more Gothic Lolita(something Peach-Pit is good at), stop being emo and wanting to die(then again it is about zombies), and maybe had a plot device stronger then just we have to kill illegal zombies so that we can get enough money to get our lives back(especially when there are only 11 episodes to play with).

I warn you now, there is no reason to go back and watch this one. Let it forever slip into history with the rest of it’s kind.

The manga I won’t say anything about. Due to my love of Shugo Chara and Rozen Maiden I want to believe that Peach-Pit’s Zombie Loan is actually a good manga.

The anime never looks this good.

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