D.Gray-Man: Beginning at the End

My timing is epic, there is no other explanation. I posted here that I was finally going to give DGM a try, two years after it started in Fall of 06. And then thanks to following the d.gray-man tag on wordpress, the first blog I found told of it’s demise. So 103 episodes to work through as the Epic Fall 08 season starts up.

After two years of lower then they would like ratings and DVD sales they pulled the plug on DGM just as it was catching up to the manga. Personally I think this is great, after being burned on Bleach and Naruto (definitely Naruto), the fact that the show won’t have 2 years of filler is music to my ears. I don’t do well with the filler arcs, I have no idea how they ruin it, but they sure destroy the shows more often then not. Bleach I might come back to someday(skipping the filler) and Naruto Shippuden’s snail pace killed it for me (might read the manga someday).

I’ve only watched the first two eps of DGM, but this first taste has been pretty good so far. I feel the desire to study more about this “goth” style of animation as I’ve heard it called. Not sure if that’s it’s real name, while reminding me at times of Zombie Loan, this show actually pulls it off.  The plot kinda worries me, sounds a bit too much like Inuyasha’s another show about traveling around trying to collect all the Jewel Shards Innocence before Naraku The Millennium Earl does. The main character is fun though, he’s the “I’m a bad ass in a fight but comic relief otherwise” kind. And while I haven’t seen too much of the other mains I haven’t seen anything annoying yet.

I totally think it's a Golden Snitch

I totally think it's a Golden Snitch

I’ll know for sure in the next couple episodes if I’ll really stick around for all 103 eps, but so far it’s looking good. And maybe if I’m REALLY lucky there will be news of Inuyasha finally getting finished(I can’t think of any projects Sunrise announced to come after they finish Gundam 00).

One Response to D.Gray-Man: Beginning at the End

  1. Ceriel says:

    D.Gray-Man is worth the watch. I don’t remember there being so many fillers in this series, just maybe a few you could count with your fingers. I actually just started watching this over the summer, so don’t feel bad about starting now ^_^. I’m on episode 83 as of the moment. I haven’t had the chance to watch further because of school, but I thought the pace started slowing down on the later episodes– that’s just my opinion.

    LOL @ the Inuyasha comparison! I never saw it that way.

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