Spice and Wolf gets picked up by Yen Press

News like this ROCKS my day. Yen Press first showed up on the scene with the rights to Spiral ~ Bonds of Reasoning. A manga that got stuck in limbo for something like 2 years when Tokyopop tried to license it. Then they rocked the scene with news of finally bringing over the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya novels. Now with this news they have jumped up to my all star list of awesome distros only one step behind Tokyopop and DelRay.

I loved the Spice and Wolf anime, the art, story, music and pacing just worked magic for me. The only thing that didn’t get the attention it needed to bring the show too the all star lvl was the merchanting. And from what I’ve heard the novel does an amazing job of bringing the world of merchants and their crazy coin system to life.

Now to wait and hope that the rest of the Seikai no Senki series will get licensed and brought over here someday. If Yen Press can do this for me, I swear I’ll love them forever.

p.s. MUST stop staying up till 4 in the morning watching anime and then start writing some random post here.

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