Zero Re;quiem

I’m going to post about a specific episode. Also, since it’s the last episode of the show, I’ll be throwing in what I thought of the show as a whole as well. There are also like 45 pics from the episode past the break.

So lets start at the beginning, it’s as good of place as any. Nunally is telling her brother that he’ll have to Geass her to get the Iblis FLEIA Trigger from her. Kallen is about to have an epic fight against Suzaku. And Orange-kun is being distracting the crazy loli with memory problems.

Nunnally amazed me this episode, I was not expecting her to tell him that her reason for doing this was the exact same reason he created Zero Requiem. But if she was smart enough to figure it out for herself, she should have realized that he was doing the exact same thing just better. In the end, Lulu realizes that she’ll understand, so he Geasses her.

While the fights in this show pale in comparison to Macross F’s final ep, moments like Orange-kun jumping out of his exploding knightmare to land on Anya’s to deliver the final strike. But instead releasing her of her Geass curse. So this is like the third time he ever uses it I think. I’m still convinced it was a poorly thought out and implemented plot device.

The Suzaku vs Kallen fight also went better then I expected. Since Suzaku can’t die (it’s sunrise), I was expecting Kallen to have to be defeated. But instead they allowed Kallen to win the fight. But she sure had to work for it. And the way they tore each other up was the best I’ve seen in a mecha fight in a while. Suzaku explodes, but this is Sunrise we are talking about here and Suzaku ontop of that can’t die thanks to his curse, so I don’t believe it for a second.

Lelouch drops the bomb, and announces to the world that he holds all the power now. LOVED the shot of an all mighty King chess piece there, it’s like HA, I just played the greatest game of chess and was able to go from some random school kid in japan to the emperor of the WORLD in less than 2 years.

This is why you don’t do drugs.

It then opens up 2 months later and he’s on parade in Tokyo(never a good thing in this show). And there are some fun shots. Mostly everyone is just being carted away to be executed, even the lolis. Nunnally has the best outfit on out of all of them. They show a shot of Suzaku’s grave, Arthur standing in front of it was a nice touch.

I don’t think they were going to kill her. She’s not with everyone else at the very least. I guess siblings get special treatment for going against their brother.

2 Crazy smart females, 1 Crazy hawt female, and 1 ninja maid, all in the same jail cell. And they can’t get themselves out? Also thought it funny that Lloyd is the only character with a name in the men’s side.

Loved Kallen’s OMFG when Zero shows up, and of course she figures out what is going on immediately. When Todo is like “who is that?” she’s like SHUT THE F UP, He’s Zero.

Orange-kun has possibly the best animated, as I’m falling I show a hidden smirk, face change ever.

“Exactly as planned.”

If she’ll never die, does she really need to ask for forgiveness?


“This is punishment for you too…”

Nunnally finally sees the truth of what happened. Took her long enough.

And que “Continued Story” though the song right before that one was also a great touch.

Thus with all the hatred of the world placed on the now dead Lelouch, and with Zero leading the way, we travel into tomorrow.

Total Rei moment when she runs to school with toast in her mouth. Also note worthy was in her pictures Xingke can’t be found, he also isn’t in the wedding picture in a moment so I guess he finally kicked the bucket.

Though Xingke’s Knightmare is there in the background, no idea why.

I’m thinking triplets. But at least she has a ring, and that’s the important part, never give birth to bastards.

I have to admit, I’ve been feeling kinda trolled for a while with this show. And after Charles was defeated it just felt like a downward spiral of sorts. But this episode was a huge step up from the others. In the end, this episode left me feeling better about the show as a whole somehow.

Thinking back the actual death count of characters with names who show up in at least 2 episodes probably only reaches like 7-8. But the amount of times that we were lead to believe someone had died is probably closer to 25. But it’s not really that bad, and if I got bent out of shape over it then I’d probably end up having to get mad at Heroes as well for doing the same(also for TOTALLY STEALING the #6 is in Baltar’s head thing which they stole not as obviously from Farscape’s Harvey).

The show somehow felt more awesome in the first season. I blame Rolo for a lot of the problems with R2, but there were just so many moments that it felt it was TRYING to be good. And maybe if it wasn’t throwing in some kind of twist every 10 minutes it could have been.

I’m glad the show is over, and it ended on a great note. Now to pray that Sunrise doesn’t kill Gundam 00.

Truthfully I was always voting for KaguyaxLulu with C.C. and Kallen benefits. In the end it looks like Kallen gets Gino. Kaguya will be too busy ruling the world with the Chinese loli. Nunally gets Zero, but I’m pretty sure that his mask will never come off. Looks like Orange-kun will live with Anya growing oranges. And C.C. will have her Cheese-kun to keep her company as she travels the world.

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