1K Views and Counting

So it turns out, if you want your blog to have a jump in hit count, blog about Code Geass just as it’s ending. Though my OST2 post(people wanted Continued Story) and Fans Want Lelouch Alive post got a LOT more views than the one about the actual last episode. The same thing happened when I blogged about the Force Unleashed, everyone went and looked at my post titled 7lvls later, but ignored the actual review post.

Outside of my attempts to get this blog on AnimeNano(reviewqueue), and a random favor for a friend(which I advertised his post not the site). I haven’t done any advertising(aka commenting and going HEY VISIT MY SITE, or anything). Everyone who finds my site mostly find it through WordPress, a MUCH smaller # find it by clicking my name when I’ve commented somewhere, and every now and then a pingback from a site I linked to during a post will send hits my way.

Personally my favorite post, would have to be my Tales of Symphonia one. It was the first post I made that really brought in any traffic, it had a commenter, and for about half a month nothing else could even compare to it.

With the new season upon us, I’m pretty excited. And once it gets in full swing, I’m sure I’ll have a lot to write about. But for now I don’t have much to say, unless I start doing a play by play on D.Gray-Man. Or maybe write about how School Days has RUINED Tokimeki Memorial for me…. In fact even love triangles like Alto, Ranka, and Sheryl leave me going, “DON”T DO IT ALTO, they’ll go crazy on you and try to kill each other and you using the Vajra.”  I also have plans for when I eventually finish the third season of Zero, but that will wait till SS-Eclipse finish their sub of the last ep.

2 Responses to 1K Views and Counting

  1. Dan says:

    When you start to get comments on all your posts though, that will be the point where you have lots of constant readers. Keep going, you’ll get there.

  2. bluestreak2 says:

    Comments really are that enigma for me. But, for now, I’m just having fun writing. And I would like to believe I’m getting better at it is I go. Maybe one day I’ll have some vocal viewers. Or maybe this thing will die before that ever happens.
    But I think as long as I’m having fun just writing, I’ll be fine. ^_^

    On that note, I’ll be gone for the weekend so I might get one more post out Thursday, after that though hopefully Monday.

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