Things End and Others Begin.

Dragonball’s Live Action movie has a trailer(mentioned here because it claims to be the first LA, not true from what I’ve been told though). No sound, but you can still check out something that I have to say doesn’t look a thing like Dragonball. Even Piccolo’s half a second of screen time doesn’t help with James Marsters just wearing his vampire makeup in a shade of green.  From the looks of it….. I’ll bet it’ll lose to Speed Racer in the box office.(Beginning of the end for anime to LA conversions I hope.)

Elfen Lied’s manga has finally finished being translated (torrent). I should REALLY get around to reading that.

Hellsing’s manga has finally finished, hopefully this means Darkhorse can speed up the release schedule a bit.

Nintendo has announced the DSi, not to be confused with the DSlight or the DSphat mind you. Though we won’t actually be seeing it hit stores till much later in 09.

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood Is out. This marks a new kind of Sonic game, and while I have yet to play it I have hope that Bioware can do with Sonic what they did with StarWars. Well ok, I’m not THAT delusional, but at the very least I hope it’s good.

Left4Dead is up for preorder, This is THE game of the holiday season for me followed closely by Mirror’s Edge and Fallout3. I’m truly excited over this one.

With the end of Summer pretty much every show has ended and we now wait as the much anticipated Fall 08 begins. Impatient animebloggers cry out over the lack of fansubs for Toradora.

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