A New Writer is in Town.

This blog finally introduces a second blogger, Daisetsu/BeigeBox/Bakachan (He hasn’t officially chosen a name yet.). Why he hasn’t posted yet, well…..

The original idea was, I would be out of town for this last weekend. And in my stead he thought it would be fun to try out blogging for himself. Well, things didn’t go according to plan and even though he attempted to write for this blog things didn’t get set up correctly and I was unreachable with no access to Internet. Thus he was unable to actually post anything he wrote. Now that I’m back he’s going to figure things out and try to get what he wrote posted either tonight or tomorrow. If he writes more or not is up to him.

As for myself, I have a weekend of anime to catch up on including finally being able to finish Zero no Tsukaima 3, as well as FINALLY starting Clannad After Story.

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