Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka – First Episode Reaction

The first scene is a bunch of seemingly unconnected action scenes, which had no premise or explanation.  The quality of animation is also very underwhelming small details are just omitted.  I thought that at any second we were going to zoom out and see it was something that a character was watching on tv.  I can’t tell if the character design is funky or it’s just the poor animation, but it just looks off, once again poor animation.

Still that doesn’t matter much  because the episode was interesting.  It’s a school drama but it isn’t your normal school drama as far as I can tell.  I’m not sure what the military connection is to the series, but it seems like we may see giant robots or something reminiscent of Full Metal Panic.  I’ll be grabbing the next episode, hopefully it turns into something interesting.

Our main character has a reputation for being a brawler, he’s become an urban legend with the name of Geno Killer.

He rescues a girl from two guys who are pushing their advances in a way which she doesn’t like.  The next day she transfers into his class and “asks him out”… for a cup of tea.  She meets his sister (whom is more like a mom to him with how he acts) and his friend.  She is later picked up by her butler (yeah, she’s your typical rich girl, but without the attitude).  The next day everyone in class thinks they are going out so to clarify the situation she asks the main character to clarify what their relationship is.

What is your relationship?

What is your relationship?

He being a guy, misunderstands and kisses her which sets off a tirade of pain for him :O

OMG! k..k..Kisu?!

OMG! k..k..Kisu?!

The episode ends with her showing up at his house saying she will be staying there, with both of them in disbelief.  I’m not really sure what this means but you can speculate all you want.

– Daisetsu

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