Portal Prelude: Finished

Total time, 5.7 hours. I haven’t yet played the Advanced Chambers but after seeing how difficult he made the rest of game I can only imagine the devilish dungeons he’s created.

This mod was a lot of fun. And it got me excited about Portal again. I love it when you get a game, play through it, love it. Then half a year later find a reason to play it again with new content.

I can only hope that Portal 2 and the next episode of Half Life aren’t too far away…. HA!, it’s gonna be 2-3 years before we see those. Valve, I love you guys but your games take FOREVER to come out.

And now, some spoiler in game pictures.

If you look closely you can see Steam on that monitor.

Celebrate, for the first ever test subject has finished and survives to talk about it.

The Cake wasn’t always a lie.

Hey I remember that slideshow playing in that room when I went through Portal.

Don’t mind them, their just finishing up putting together GLaDOS…. though the Morality Core is still being worked on. But that’s not really needed or anything.



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