Portal Prelude Has Arrived

^_^  I couldn’t be happier. It was rather nice only having to wait about 25 days from announcement to delivery. If you haven’t yet picked it up, I highly recommend you do. If you don’t feel like getting it from Gamespy or FilePlanet there will be many more file hosts starting tomorrow.

Myself I just went and got it off FilePlanet, spent about 40minutes waiting in line for it then actually downloading. Then a quick install later….. and it crashed on startup. Tried it a second time, another crash. I then waited another half an hour as I downloaded the SourceSDK Base. Then I reinstalled the mod just to be safe. Started it up a third time, and everything was good to go.

This game doesn’t pull any punches and in the very room you get the first half of the portal gun you have to take care of 4 sentries that are guarding the door. And from there the difficulty keeps amping up. Never really feeling impossible, but this is no cake walk.

Currently I’m taking a small break to write this out. I’ve made it to room 18/19 so far, though I have found that I don’t need to complete 18 in order to get to 19. I’m not sure if it was a mistake or not. I haven’t proceeded yet just in case I need the companion cube in the next room or something.

The voice work is a little disappointing, but the lvls themselves MORE than make up for any of that. Portal never really feels like a long game, but it always feels like a great one. I’m hoping that there is still a large portion of running around outside the test chambers like in the first game.

Anyways, that’s enough typing, got to get back to this game and finish the last couple lvls.

One Response to Portal Prelude Has Arrived

  1. bluestreak2 says:

    Finished Test Chamber 18, got to 19, I’ve spent over an hour in there flying around and I can’t figure it out. I think I need to take a break.

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