Well, the anime for CHAOS;HEAD being out finally, will surely bring about a surge in the desire for the VN to be finished up. That’s usually the trend at least, especially when the anime adaptation is no where near as good as the VN. And that is the current of thought I’ve seen behind CHAOS;HEAD.

I haven’t yet seen anything beyond PV for either so far, but news of the VN getting worked on is always nice. Though I am horribly slow at actually getting through them. I’ve had the Fate/Stay Night on the backburner for over a year now, and Tsukihime I only ever got through Arcueid, and Ciel’s hentai scenes stories. Even games like the Ace Attorney games take me forever to get through. I love em, it’s just REALLLLY hard to start reading when I can instead watch anime or play some videogame.

Anyways, back on topic, a new version of the CHAOS;HEAD translation is out for the VN if your interested(still beta). Source. Myself, I’ll see what the anime is like…. and probably go read a Type-Moon VN before anything else.

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