Fall 08 Thoughts of the New Season

A quick look at what I think of Fall 08 so far. The Ratings may sound silly for some, take them for what they sound like. Sorry for the lateness I kept putting it off in hope that subs for a couple of the shows would be out but now that half these shows already have ep2 out I might as well post it.  I have plans that when the rest of the season’s shows get subbed and stuff I’ll make another post for them.

Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka, Looks like another one of those school drama with fanservice. Nothing really jumps out and hooks me. So I’ll just let this one go back into the pond. Rating: Lame

Casshern Sins, It’s got that old style to it, but at the same time the quality of animation reminds me of Ergo Proxy and the like. The story is a little thin so far, I’m expecting great things though. Rating: Good for now

CHAOS;HEAD, I make a practice of trying to learn as little as possible about a show before going into the first episode. So when I actually sat down and watched CH, I got a very different show then what I was expecting. I’ll be coming back for more no doubt, but it’s questionable so far as to how long I’ll give this show. Also, the pink haired girl, TOTALLY makes me think Amu from Shugo Chara! Rating: SchoolDayssayswhat?

Clannad After Story, awwwwwww the lack of widescreen was a blow I wasn’t expecting. But I truly loved the first season and I think this season will prove to be enjoyable. Rating: KyoAni can do no wrong

ef – a tale of melodies, another sequel to a show that I REALLY enjoyed the first season of. In fact if I suddenly end up watching the first season a second time during this season I won’t be the least surprised. I need to find a better source for video quality though. The new season looks to be starting out well, and remains one of the few Shaft animations that I actually enjoy. Rating:MY EYES HURT BUT I WANT MORE!

Ga-Rei-Zero, The animation looks good, and music is actually notable but not worthy of getting the CD yet. I didn’t know what to think of this show…. until the chick started attacking them WITH her motorcycle, that was awesome. The main character though feels a little bit too obsessive about the little boy who likes blue butterflies. Also, if ALL the Category A’s turn out to be school girls with swords, this show will rock. I won’t say anything about the ending but WTF, and ya, I’ll be watching the next ep. Rating: Rocks fall everyone dies?

Gundam 00S2, Didn’t like how they threw us 5 years into the future like this, there is a lot of immediate set up, I would rather something a bit easier to swallow. Everything else though is exactly what I was expecting and I want more. Rating: Sunrise is Sunrise is Sunrise

Hyakko, almost want to do a post on this episode alone. The show is overthetop, and it looks good so far. I’ll watch at least a couple more eps, but I have to admit that overall it didn’t “click” for me and I might end up dropping it down the line…. In the meantime I want to make all kinds of Twilight Zone spoofs based off the first ep. Rating: Good

Jigoku Shoujo S3, still haven’t seen any subs for this show. Shinsen is supposed to be working on this show but I haven’t seen anything from them as of yet. I enjoyed the first two seasons though the first one was better. I’ll ride through this season, but with how the 2nd one ended I really wonder how it’ll turn out. Rating: Want To Try Dying This Once?

Kannagi.  Animation quality while looking kinda simple at the same times looks well done.  The setup and story look promising indeed. Loved the OP as well, that was awesome. I think I might be a Mahou Shoujo fan… Rating: Crazy Awesome

Kurogane no Linebarrels.   Animation not nearly as high as I was expecting. Have high hopes, looks good, love Ali Project. Kinda surprised it took so long for them to tell us that he was already dead, the blood all over him made it pretty obvious. Also, I Love how anti-emo he is compared to your standard teenage pilot. Rating: Good for now

Kemeko DX, Fanservice on speed and crack and LSD… and maybe a couple of other drugs. Haven’t yet decided on if I’ll actually watch more. Rating: Kinda Disturbing

Kuroshitsuji, Hayate has made me a fanboy of combat butlers. And the jump from combat butler to demon butler of awesome isn’t that large of jump in this show. While not being what I expected I have to admit it got that hook in me and I’ll be showing up again for the second ep, and unless it takes a drastic turn many more. Rating: Butlers make everything Awesome

Kyou no Go no Ni, I’m not entirely sure what I think about this show. It was fun to watch I’ll admit that. But somehow it just didn’t feel like a show that I actually liked. The “Duels” were really the most entertaining thing. I’ve heard some compare it to Azumanga Diaoh, that’s a horrible comparison in my opinion. Rating:How much do you like Super Balls?

Macademi Wasshoi, Feels a little loli for my tastes. Especially since it’s an ecchi show. Kanokon was fine just because of how over the top it was, the budget also helped. But this one just doesn’t do anything for me. Though the neko mimi meido inu mimi tsukaimi was a nice touch. Rating:Child Porn at a Magical School.

Nodame Cantabile Paris Chapter, I enjoyed the first season, still need to watch the LiveAction version though. Looks like they’ve improved a bit in the animation department, and of course the music is great. I expect a good season out of this show and nothing less. Rating: GYABO! MUKYA!

Shikabane Hime Aka, Gainax returns with a show that I got excited about before it premiered and now I already know I love it. When she pulled out the uzis I had a flashback of FLCL and that’s ALL I needed. Rating: PURE WIN

Shugo Chara! Doki, a show going in, I KNOW, will be full of filler, but somehow I still love it. Rating: Mahou Shoujo 4TW

Tales of the Abyss, Couldn’t help comparing the show to the other Tales Animation projects. I never actually played this game. The animation quality was far better then I ever expected, it’s clean and smooth, looks great. And the story/pacing feels perfect so far, I think this show could actually do justice for an RPG. Rating: Surprisingly Good

Toaru Majutsu no Index, Wow another show that I didn’t think anything of before, but within the first 5 minutes knew that this was a show up on my must watch list with Toradora, maybe even higher. By the time Index is introduced they have me hooked 100%. The animation as well is top notch, and I really like the OP, pretty much win on all lvls Rating: Awesome like Heroes

Toradora, Never read the manga/novel but the animation is pretty good so far, and the story looks to be a fun ride. I think the original character designs looked better though. But anyways I will definitely be watching more. Rating: Very Good.

Extra Awards:

Favorite OP of the Season goes to, Kannagi

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