Subs may be a while for Jigoku Shoujo S3 *Update: There are subs

It’s been about a week now since the first ep of JSS3 premiered. Noticing that Shinsen is currently the only group that made any announcement about subbing the show. And that their active show list is already pretty long this season, I decided to see if they’ve said anything about it.

This post in the forums is the best I’ve found but it’s something.

“Ok, before more people start asking about the same thing everyday…  Yes, we will sub JS 3. Everything’s prepared so far, we’re only waiting for our translator who will come back in one or two weeks and then we’ll start.”

SO there you have it, they will be working on the show. It’ll just take a while…

Now I’m off to see if I can find out what is up with Live-Evil, It almost seems like a habit of theirs to disappear for a month and then return with a sudden rush of eps.

*Update: Has picked the show up since Shinsen has been taking a while. I haven’t yet actually watched anything subbed by them so I have no idea what to expect, I’m just letting you know it’s there.

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