D.Gray-Man Thoughts at the Half-Way Point

My thoughts so far, it’s a nice show and fun to watch. But nothing that I think I could seriously fanboy over. I like the fact that they’ve stayed with the little arcs tied together by a larger goal style of story so far(Think Inuyasha). While most Shounen shows start with this then quickly become a tournament style or systematic defeat one boss at a time each stronger then the last(Bleach/Yu Yu Hakusho). I have a feeling that this second half will be starting down that road finally, especially after watching the OP to the next season, though I wonder how it will go.

Talking about the next OP, SPOILERS AHOY. They could have left a little in the dark but instead we are treated with several upgrades to the weapons, new cast, new outfits, and our hero Allen Walker is somehow going to loose his arm and get an entirely new one complete with a modified outfit. All I can do is hope that this happens soon so that I can stop being paranoid about it.

The show has already ended earlier than the manga, so I know there won’t be a true ending. So unless the Millennium Earl is only a figure head to everything it doesn’t look like I’ll be seeing a real fight with him(Though he is actually shown with a weapon this OP….). The Noah clan on the other hand, are fair game this season. Especially the big guy Skin who likes sweats. While you could consider Lulu Bell having already fought Allen, somehow she never really felt like a full fledged Noah. She’s also not shown in the new OP.

Things that I find noteworthy about the show: Road’s song(EPIC), though she’s pretty awesome anytime. Krory I thought was going to go the same route as Miranda but he actually ended up as a main character. Every time Allen is not in his Exorcist outfit he TOTALLY looks like Hayate(no Gotoku). The Millennium Earl doing Road’s homework(WHY DOES SHE EVEN HAVE HOMEWORK???). The last thing, the “heart” of innocence, reminds me of an Embryo.

Inconsistencies with the show that bug me, Level 1’s have the ability to infect humans with an extremely lethal virus that will instantly kill anyone except a noted few. Level 2 gain a new form, the ability to talk, and a special attack/skill. But they seem to loose this awesome virus unless otherwise noted(I think only one actually had it still).  It’s like the show just forgot about the virus or something. Another thing is why do some Akuma have a mark signifying what level they are and others don’t?

Another inconsistency that bugged me was that Allen got a leveled up eye, that caused everyone in the room including the Akuma to be able to see the soul. But that was the only time the eye did that, for the rest of the show all that happened was the same old only he can see them(and now the direction they are in if they aren’t in his direct line of sight).

I would love for some real Noah action. Anyways, the show has been fun so far, and I’m still watching it so they did something right, also from everything I’ve heard the second half is even stronger than the first.

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