Toradora…. a show about what?

I’m not yet convinced it’s all that great of a show. It’s really heavier than the norm with the japanese references, not a bad thing but leaves me feeling like I’m missing out if I don’t study a bit. Which is weird cause I didn’t really feel that way back with Lucky Star or other shows like it.

From what I know, the show is about two characters who like each others friends so they become friends to try to get to their interests but are obviously going to fall for each other in the end.

But shows like this LOVE to not have that last part actually happen because then the story would almost be over and that’s not any fun. So in the meantime this show is going to be ALLLLL kinds of wasting time and they even had a filler ep with ep 3, I’m not saying it was bad but it was already a filler ep.

So…. I really don’t know what to think about the show. It definitely has it’s moments of win, and there is always hope that it’s going to become more… so  I am gonna continue watching of course. Though I would LOVE the show if they only had more Minori screen time(not of her at work that doesn’t count). I am looking forward to this new girl who looks exactly like the school president that is gonna show up and I like what I’ve heard about her.

2 Responses to Toradora…. a show about what?

  1. ilifin says:

    @episode 3 being filler
    If you read the novels, you will find that all the scenes from episode 3 was in the novels. So what of it is filler? What would you classify as a filler, when it’s from the original content?

  2. bluestreak2 says:

    The basic outline of the ep is in the novel yes. But it was stretched out and a lot of original content was added that /wasn’t/ in the novel. Or at least that’s what I kept reading people say.

    I can show more examples if needed. And like I said, I’m not saying it’s bad, its just wasting time.

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