D.Gray-Man 103 Episodes in One Month

Good times, Good times. I really wish I could do this more often. And even better the show didn’t end up in Sucksville with Naruto and the filler seasons of Bleach.  Favorite Character would have to go to Road. She was awesome in pretty much every scene she was in. But that last scene with the Noah just left me with sooooo many questions.

I can honestly say I enjoyed the show, and if someone where to ask me if I’d recommend it, I’d have to say yes. Even though it ends before the real end they did it nicely. I’ll also continue hoping that the rumor that the show is just taking a break for more manga to come out is true. Though just in case I have found where the show ended in the manga(chapter158) and am ready to pick it up from there if need be.

Also surprisingly unlike Bleach and Naruto there wasn’t a single OP or ED that totally sucked or annoyed to the point of my skipping it. But of course now that I’ve come back to this show two years down the road and found that I actually liked it I’ll have to do the same with Soul Eater.

The only thing that really bugged me about the show. The HUGE variety and time spent with the level two Akuma and then we get to Level 3 and we are shown about 3 of them before they are replaced by the Giant Akuma. Why did the level 3 get no love? Especially when there was such a big emphasis on them having different types when the first one showed up.

Next show on my list of going back and watching shows I’ve somehow missed: Aria the Animation. I’ve heard soooooooooooooo many good things about this series. And it just keeps coming out with more OVAs and such. The cast even did fairly well during Saimoe08. So I’ll be trying that show out next. I think the change in genre will be nice at the very least.

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