Since It’s Not Technically an Anime Blog

What I mean is about two weeks ago I got news back from Anime Nano that I had too many posts about Video Games to be considered an Anime Blog(14 of 72 posts had the Video Games tag).  And then even though I told myself this wouldn’t effect me, I went and stopped posting for about a week. I was actually quite baffled by the news though, sites that were already a part of Anime Nano would occasionally have the video game centered post, even about western games like Spore, not to mention the many posts on games like the Tales series and such. But as a new site applying to be added to the list, I guess the same privileges aren’t granted.

I eventually returned, as you can see. Currently I’m trying to rethink what I want to do. I enjoy my posting on anime, but I also like the occasional video game. And when my entire life gets sucked into a game like Fallout 3 it’s hard to write about much else.

Anyways, I just felt like taking that off my chest. I haven’t really looked into what my next plan of action for this thing is. I won’t be stopping my posts on jRPGs…. but then I have no idea when I’ll be finishing another one.

PS. On average my Video Games posts receive more hits than my Anime posts.

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