Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae, Missing the Good Old Times.

The first season had it’s problems, but occasionally it was a good watch. The second season was meh at best. And so far it’s looking like this third season may very well create a new low for the series. Also, very disappointed in the OP.

Season 1 was pretty nice. The stories had real differences, there was the occasional awesome ep like the Jigoku Shounen ep, and the show dealt with some pretty dark stories. But what in my opinion saved it from falling into a pit of awful, was the outside perspective given throughout the show with the reporter and his daughter. And it all culminated in a final arc which shed some light on the story behind Jigoku Shoujo. It had it’s problems, but it was different and was an enjoyable show to watch.

The second season is remembered for basically taking place entirely in one town, mostly this is in effect at the halfway point of the season. Takuma is one of the VERY few characters who actually said no. Though he never really recovered from the experience thanks to the rumors surrounding him. This eventually led the entire town and everyone he was near to get sent to hell. Ultimately ending with Jigoku Shoujo becoming human again and dieing to save his life. The ending tried to save the rest of the season it really did but somteimes it’s too late.  This season was kinda depressing, there was far more focus on worthless deaths and the stories would look evil on the outside but they would end up just being a misunderstanding or something. There was also a lack of the before mentioned awesome episodes.

This third season gives the return of Jigoku Shoujo, though she seems to have lost her body. Thus to fill her void she has possessed a high school girl, Yuzuki. And of course everyone around Yuzuki is suddenly finding the need to summon Jigoku Shoujo. The excuses for doing so have also been very thin so far, First a teacher that only wants what’s best for his students, and then the second is the husband who’s wife obviously has some mental problem(That entire episode was just messed up). But the greatest disappointment of all, we no longer get to see Jigoku Shoujo get out of the pond next to her house, get dressed, then fly to meet her victim. No instead we get to see her explode out of the Yuzuki’s back.

The third season leaves me feeling as if they decided to combine the Daughter from the first season and the poor kid who is at the center of everything in the second season. And so far it just doesn’t feel right. She gets traumatized by being possessed, she is forced to see the people receive the doll, and then watches as she is SO very close and yet can’t stop them from activating the curse…..and then Jigoku Shoujo explodes from her back and sends them to hell.  If she were more proactive like the reporter was and actually tried to stop them at least that’s something but what it is now just isn’t right.

PS. I hear Tsugumi is to return in ep 4, I’ve only seen through ep 3 so far, and even that has been taxing. I also hear Ep4 sets a new low for the entire series, fun things to look forward to I guess.

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