Funimation, I Don’t Hate You.

Shikabane Hime: Aka got licensed last week. And we already have at least two groups who have shown up to replace Lunar.  But what gets me. Funimation didn’t just license the show and go, “Screw you fans, you can watch it on DVD in a year.” Funimation is actually hosting the show on SEVERAL websites, some using a decently high res version for streaming. AND BEST OF ALL, they are releasing the episodes only a week and half after the air date free of charge. And all I’ve seen as far as them labeling it is their name on the lower right, which while i kinda wish it was a little smaller font and on the top right, I’m ok with it. I mean it’s not much more than what most TV stations do.

It’s kinda crazy that there have been two groups that decided this week and half is too much of a wait and that they would say screw you Funi we’re going to sub the show. There are plenty of other shows out there that haven’t been getting subs. Why couldn’t these new groups do something a bit more productive than making the community look like we don’t care when a US distro actually does something cool for us fans?

Anyways, Funi, you rock.

Fansubbers that pick up a licensed show and sub it just to spite them, you guys suck.

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