Old vs New NERV Logo in You Are (Not) Alone

November 30, 2008


The Evangelion logo. It is something known around the world. And has the power to instantly let people know your a fan. Then during the production of the first movie in the Eva reboot, they announced that there would be a new logo for NERV. They would be replacing the maple leaf with an apple. Big news for the fans.


Anyways, the logo was one of those things that I actually looked for when I sat down to watch You Are (Not) Alone for the first time. And I found it surprising that I was seeing the old logo more often than the new one. I’ve been saying for a while now that I was going to make a post on this movie. And my plans were that in this post I would mention the logo thing. Well five failed attempts later and I was finding that the only thing I actually wanted to talk about was the logo. So here is a collection of screenshots from the movie showing everything I saw the logos on.

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Writer’s Block

November 30, 2008


Well, I’ve been getting pounded by college english. I never realized just HOW MUCH I hate essays, coupled with a teacher that will show us what she considers “good writing” BUT! we can’t write like that cause it’s the wrong way for this class.  It would be an understatement that I’m frustrated.  “You have to think about your audience and talk to them.” “No you can’t talk to your audience because they’ll feel like you attacking them and calling them stupid(In a process essay).” “This essay by Stephen King is my favorite ever, especially how he inserts himself in it.” “NO you must never insert yourself in an essay.”

Anyways, I’m going to get back to trying to write something for this blog. Even if it’s a random thing on how many times you can find the old NERV logo in You are (Not) Alone. …….Where did I put that movie?

Detective Conan: Movie 12: Full Score of Fear Review

November 27, 2008


You’d think that with 12 years, 500+ episodes, 8 OVAs and 12 movies, they’d have a good idea on how to do this or not. Alas, something seems to have been lost somewhere along the way…. either that or I noticed the formula. But even so, this movie was rather weak. I’m also doing something a bit different than usual, instead of just saying a little bit about the show, I’m going all out.

If you’re a Det. Conan fan, there’s enough here that you can get your fix with some nice animation and music to go along with it. But for those who are looking for a meatier Conan experience I would suggest against this one. The preview for the next movie, on the other hand, has left many believing that it’ll be a movie full of Black Organization drama.

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The Girl Who Leapt Through Time DVD Limited Edition

November 24, 2008


I can even remember the first time I ever heard about this movie. I immediately went out and searched for a copy on the internet. Found a Russian version my first try, the second attempt was more successful and I finally had it. I watched it, and I loved it. Then I went and had all of my friends watch the movie. It was instantly a classic in my mind, right up there with Ghibli and anything Makoto Shinkai touches.

Well, now the DVD is finally out in the US. We have the standard edition of just the 1 DVD containing the movie, commentary with director and the three main actors, a music video, and your standard promos and such.


The Limited Edition comes with the first DVD, a Second DVD that has the movie again, storyboards, A commentary with the staff(Director, Assistant Director, Animation Director). An interview with the director, and finally behinds the scenes at the Tokyo premiere.  The LE also contains the OST, which somehow I totally missed when I was buying it, so that was a VERY pleasant surprise when I opened up the box. Speaking of the box, the shape is that of a hardcover book with some very nice art all around.

I’ve already said that I love the movie, and I still do. I can’t really say too much more than that, pretty much the only part in me that can find a problem with it is the standard “time travel is flawed,” but even then I still love it.

The dub stars Emily Hirst, a teen actor who from what I can find this is her first work on any sort of animated production. I’ve always been a huge fan of using actors of the appropriate ages for animated shows, one of the big reasons I think Avatar did so well. And she does a pretty good job in portraying Makoto.


Really the only thing that could have been included to make this an even better package is an art book or something. As it is, this is a worthy addition to any collection, and if you’re someone who doesn’t buy DVDs, you should at the very least find some way to rent and watch this wonderfull movie.


November 23, 2008

clannadas1Take one part AWESOME BREAD.


Then one part DEATH BY JAM

And what do you get? You’ve got yourself the makings of the BEST CROSSOVER OVA EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Warning! applying Akiko’s jam on Sanae’s bread might cause and I quote “all life as you know it stopping instantaneously and every molecule in your body exploding at the speed of light.”

Bargin Bin Anime Blow Out!

November 21, 2008

Misaki image

Just thought I’d send out a little FYI, if your into buying anime, or buying your friends/family anime. You should think about checking out Right Stuf International’s Bargin Bin Blow Out.

It’s mostly filled with Geneon’s no longer supported stuff. But you can find some pretty awesome deals in there, including all 4 DVDs of S.E.Lain (just talked about that show yesterday), and most DVDs of plenty of other shows at very low prices.  And these are on top of the DelRay 33% off that’s going on right now, the always great weekly specials and the rarely good but every now and then you’ll find a gem Shawn’s Daily Deals.  So go see if there’s anything out there that you might be interested in. I already bought a set of DVDs to give out as presents, and pre-ordered some manga for myself.

And now that I’ve spent all this time advertising for no profit (I’m doing it to try and help support the deing industry), I shall go back and try working on getting my review of Detective Conan’s 12th movie out.

Serial Experiments Lain, Buried Treasure?

November 20, 2008


At least according to ANN’s Justin Sevacis, and thinking about it, he might be right. But it’s only natural that a show from 10 years ago would be pushed to the side as more and more anime floods the market. Mixed with the fact that Geneon is no longer even a distributor of anime in the US anymore doesn’t help.

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