Fallout 3: 33 hour mark

Yes, the game came out Monday, midnight. And since then I have clocked 33+ hours into this game and I’ve only just made it to where I’ll say I’ve scratched the surface of the game. This game has been amazing so far, and really, I don’t think that part of it will change.

Some back story, on me, I’ve never played any of the previous Fallout games. I did try playing Oblivion once and within an hour of making it out of the sewers at the beginning I just couldn’t get into the game. One of my friends on the other hand is a HUGE fan of the previous Fallout games. So when the game first started popping up he’d mention how awesome it was and I’d go “sure, ya, whatever, I’m playing TWEWY right now.”  Then during E3 I watched one of those videos of them showing the game off and talking about it and for the first time, I actually noticed that the game looked really good. From the combat to the wasteland and the idea that they were focusing entirely on the single player experience, I was practically sold then and there.

I love this game, the beginning is possibly the best intro I’ve ever seen to a game. Creating your character little by little as he grows up and learning how to play the game as it goes. Then at the age of 19 the shit hits the fans and you find yourself thrown out into the world, this destroyed Washington DC wasteland. It is as beautiful as a war torn and devastated post nuclear DC ever could be. And while the main story hasn’t been the best thing since sliced bread, it gets the job done with more than enough to keep me interested.

The only things that I really think are subpar about the game is the 3rd person view, and while the voice acting is great most of the time the actual character animations are pretty poor. V.A.T.S. is great, but normal combat is a bit of a let down if you compare it to a normal FPS. The only glitch I’ve ran into so far is the one where a NPC will randomly fall and die, poor Walter. I should have bought the PC version instead of the 360, but the recommended requirements was right about where my PC is and I REALLY didn’t want to deal with trying to set it up. Instant gratification is totally worth it.

So, ya, this has been an amazing game. Or at the very least enough to keep me from watching more than my minimal amount of anime.

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