Toaru Majutsu no Index Trolls us all

So let me paint a picture of the show Toaru Majutsu no Index. The first episode looked great, nice animation, decent music, standard main character who will give his life for the first girl he meets who needs protection while at the same time having a super unique power that allows him to defeat practically anyone.  Sadly things went downhill from there, I feel most of the problems are thanks to pacing…. but even that feels like a weak excuse for what’s happened.

index0601And episode 5 was particularly bad in this respect with almost NOTHING happening until the last few minutes. And then leaving us with a hint that the next episode would ACTUALLY BE AWESOME…



we get


We spent 3 episodes being told that it would be the END OF THE WORLD AS HE KNOWS IT, if he lets Index get her memory erased. And we end up with him getting his memory erased. This was only made worse by the fact that he then trolls Index by making her think that he’s actually fine and still has all of his memories…. which he doesn’t.

It was also kinda annoying that during the “fight” (if you can really call it that), his right hand is destroyed(5:45), and yet seconds later it’s perfectly fine to deliver the final blow. And then we see it in the hospital and he only has a small wrap on it.

index0605And of course we end the episode with all sorts of cryptic talk to leave us hoping that the next episode might finally be what we were waiting for. I also want to know if her destroying the Satellite will turn into a big thing.

I’m going to keep watching the show, sure. There are a boatload of characters(including a maid and shrine maiden) that haven’t even been introduced yet from the OP. But I have to admit, I’m disappointed with how the show is turning out. To tell the truth, I was hoping for those two magicians to immediately team up with a not mind destroyed Touma and Index. Then starting next episode we’d see them all go fight the church head on and it would be AWESOME….. better idea than explosive amnesia anyways.

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  1. […] This show sets up a good number of mysteries, that we can expect most of them to be answered before the show is over. And they set them up without feeling forced like Index did in ep 6. […]

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