Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core (Review)

gfs_69620_1_1I think I’ve figured out a trend in my gaming….. I am terrible at finishing them. Anyways, I recently found my PSP that’s been sitting around for 6 months collecting dust (especially on the screen). Charged it up and found my copy of FF7:CC still in there at the 15 hour mark. Turned it on and started playing a few of the missions, just to pass time, then BAM! All of a sudden I’m addicted to it and want to finish this game.

gfs_60427_1_1So I collect as many of the DMW summons I can, and then start on the last leg of the game, because that just so happened to be where I stopped playing, right before the final arc.   Final time 21:25:16, that’s from the save before I started the last boss battle, then the epilogue, then the credits during which my battery died thus leaving me VERY VERY frustrated, I had to either go through all that again or find a copy of the end credits/video on the internet(I went with internet).


Graphics: Pretty much the best the PSP can offer. And while I did get rather annoyed by the selection of maps when going through the missions, the actual main game has a surprising amount of detailed maps for a PSP game. I shouldn’t even need to tell you how epic the pre-rendered stuff is, Square-Enix are masters of the CG, even if it does take them far too long to make their games. Even the in game cinematic has better lip sync than most PS2 games.


Combat: Let us face it, it’s an RPG, you’d be getting a random encounter and for 94% of them all you’d do is spam the attack button for all of your turns. And in that respect they did a wonderful job of bringing a turn based game into real time……. except for the DMW. The DMW, a roulette for all of your special attacks and summons (EVEN LEVELING UP), is far too random. The DMW can turn some of the hardest boss battles into child’s play if you have the luck, but for RPG mechanics I feel it’s much too random. Especially when you need to get a magic 777 in order to level up. Other than that I think the battle system is great, and if anything I’m all the more excited for KH: Birth by Sleep.   Bonus points also go for making the solo combat work so well.


Audio: Unsurprisingly this game’s soundtrack is some great stuff. Remixes from the original game, along with some very nice new battle music, make for a good time. The dub is ok, a few of the voices felt a little flat but it’s far from bad. And there is a good deal of spoken lines. There is also another new version of One Winged Angel, now I have to get around to getting this soundtrack for my collection just so that I can have all of them.


Story: It’s a prequel, but that didn’t stop it from trying to be ambitious.  There are new characters, never before heard of plot developments, some CRAZY new projects, and if you were insane you could even have fun trying to collect all of the acts of Loveless(I’m sure it’s on the internet somewhere). And sadly I couldn’t really get into all of the new parts of the story. I got most excited whenever I was interacting with someone from the original game, everything else just felt meh. But the moments that took place within the cannon of the original game, I LOVED. (Though with how the ending went, I have NO IDEA how Cloud then forgets Zack existed for half of the original game.)


Overall it was a fun game, and I think it did a great job. Only real gripe is the extreme repetitive nature of the missions, the DMW, and some of the more ridicules moments in the story. I’m still dreaming of the day they’ll remake the original game for PS3. I swear when that bonus vid started at the end of the credits I was about to cry for joy thinking they would give a release date, *sigh*…..

gfs_60427_3_5Kinda depressing, even when we all knew this would happen before starting the game.

Now to go back to working on TWEWY, a game that the first week and half I couldn’t stop raving about how much I LOVED IT, and then stopped playing for 4 months. I REALLY need to stop getting new games just as I’m in the last stretch of the game I’m alre… OH LOOK a copy of Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, I need to drop EVERYTHING and go play that for 5 hours before getting distracted by L4D next week.

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