Check Out: Mnemosyne


I haven’t been talking about anime nearly enough recently. While I have a lot of things floating around right now, I just really want to talk about Mnemosyne. Mnemosyne caught my attention from people comparing it to Daughter of Twenty Faces, but darker. And I can see why people would make that connection due to time frame of release and strong female leads. BUT this show is so much more than that.


The show starts in 1990, here we meet a Jack of All Trades, Rin Asogi, who takes odd jobs like finding a lost cat. But always finds herself uncovering some huge evil plot. Thankfully she’s got a trick up her sleeve, eternal life. Gunshots, cuts, explosions, they will all hurt and eventually kill her, but give it some time and she’s back up, as good as new, ready to take her killer down just as they turn their back. And in the end she figures out the mystery of what is going on, and finishes her job. There is of course more going on, assassins out to kill her until she stops coming back, Angels, Stigma, Yggdrasil, and Eipos(Apos).


Really the thing that strikes me the strongest about this show is watching as time flows. Each episode is a self contained story taking place 1-35 years after the end of the last episode. As we travel through the episodes we see how the world changes and the characters grow old around our Immortals.

But there always has to be a climax, and they did this WELL. With some epic twists and cliffhangers that are handled in ways that would make Sunrise cry in bed (I’m still not happy with Code Geass’s lame resolutions for almost all of it’s cliffhangers).


Animation and sound are good, nothing that will shock and amaze, just good. Though I really enjoy Noto, Mamiko’s performance as Rin. And she isn’t alone with Kugimiya, Rie(Mimi) and Ishida, Akira(Eipos) joining her as mains.

I really don’t want to say too much more about the story or anything, this show is really good. And I highly recommend looking into it if you haven’t already.


There is also one more thing to note about the show and that this show is not aimed at your teenage or younger viewer. I of course mean blood, nudity and some softcore sex scenes with bondage and torture on the side (They are Immortal what do you expect?). You don’t actually see anything more than skin and boobs but it’s still there. I guess you could compare it to Elfen Lied if you had to, but it doesn’t carry the same vibe as that show….. either that or I’ve been desensitized. But from what I can tell, shows like these are few and far between, so it’s hard trying to find a better comparison.

PS. We need to hurry up and have a Net Crisis so that within 5 years we can then have Virtual Reality and awesome AI.

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