Bargin Bin Anime Blow Out!

Misaki image

Just thought I’d send out a little FYI, if your into buying anime, or buying your friends/family anime. You should think about checking out Right Stuf International’s Bargin Bin Blow Out.

It’s mostly filled with Geneon’s no longer supported stuff. But you can find some pretty awesome deals in there, including all 4 DVDs of S.E.Lain (just talked about that show yesterday), and most DVDs of plenty of other shows at very low prices.  And these are on top of the DelRay 33% off that’s going on right now, the always great weekly specials and the rarely good but every now and then you’ll find a gem Shawn’s Daily Deals.  So go see if there’s anything out there that you might be interested in. I already bought a set of DVDs to give out as presents, and pre-ordered some manga for myself.

And now that I’ve spent all this time advertising for no profit (I’m doing it to try and help support the deing industry), I shall go back and try working on getting my review of Detective Conan’s 12th movie out.

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