Detective Conan: Movie 12: Full Score of Fear Review


You’d think that with 12 years, 500+ episodes, 8 OVAs and 12 movies, they’d have a good idea on how to do this or not. Alas, something seems to have been lost somewhere along the way…. either that or I noticed the formula. But even so, this movie was rather weak. I’m also doing something a bit different than usual, instead of just saying a little bit about the show, I’m going all out.

If you’re a Det. Conan fan, there’s enough here that you can get your fix with some nice animation and music to go along with it. But for those who are looking for a meatier Conan experience I would suggest against this one. The preview for the next movie, on the other hand, has left many believing that it’ll be a movie full of Black Organization drama.

conan6Someone has been watching too much Prince of Tennis.

The animation is what you would expect from a movie. Everything is clean and nicely animated. The character designs have always been a bit weird with their giant ears but when a show can survive as long as Conan has I think it’s allowed to look however it wants.


The movie is centered around music, as the title of the movie clearly shows. So music shouldn’t be an issue and thankfully it isn’t. Of course the classic themes return as they always do, but in between all that we have the concert and just plain good background music to accompany the movie. Also as seen above whenever a real song is being played the name of it is shown, I have no idea if this was the fansubbers or if this was part of the movie, either way nice touch.


The story that drives these two hours begins at a music school, then an EXPLOSION, killing off two random guys and seriously wounding a girl. The girl just so happened to have been scheduled to take part in a super special concert the next week. At a special rehearsal that Conan and gang get invited to we meet the rest of the cast for this movie: Doumoto Kazuki the organist, Fuwa Takumi the piano tuner, Aans Muller the professional tuner, Doumoto Genya, son of Kazuki and pianist, Chisusa Rara Soprano, Yuhane Shion Violinist, and Akiba Reiko the main Soprano.  Akiba Reiko is the only even slightly interesting character of the lot, but that could be thanks to her having more than 10 lines in the entire movie.


The next day Akiba Reiko shows up at the kid’s school to help them train for a singing competition(that’s awfully nice of her since she really should be practicing for this big concert coming up), here we discover that she has “Perfect Pitch” and that Conan is completely Tone Deaf(though we already knew this). Then it’s Genta to save the day, he selflessly exposes the fact that Reiko’s tea had a dangerous chemical in it that burned his throat. A minor problem for him but would have spelled tragedy if she had drank it. On the upside this means we no longer have to listen to him for the rest of the movie.


Then on their way to take Genta home, with Reiko following to talk to his parents about what had happened they are attacked by a crazy driver. Everyone makes it out without any real injuries. But of course all we ever see of the killer is the trademarked shadow they always use for the killer till the reveal at the end.

conan9The face of death.

Shortly after this, two more students at this school die, one from another explosion and one falls from a hang-glider and drowns(I have no idea how the killer pulled this one off so well). All three crime scenes are believed to be caused by the same killer thanks to three pieces of a flute found at each. But now that the flute is complete they have no idea if the killings will continue or not. On the bright side, the police now have solid connections as to why these students were killed. They were all connected to flute student at the same school who had died a few years prior. And of course, this flute player was engaged to Reiko making her a prime suspect.

conan101Conan has a nice set of fake glasses.

Sadly she has been having this string of attacks on her for the past week. And while the police are still trying to figure out that whole connection business, she’s out taking a stroll in the park with Conan. Then…. THE KILLER ATTACKS, and is either a horrible shot, or is just trying to injure her. In ether case the bullet just barely scrapes her leg, Conan then finds where the killer is shooting from and they start running away.

Because Reiko is starring in a concert tomorrow as the Soprano, she wants to keep all these attacks silent from the police. God forbid that their investigation somehow interfere with a concert when people are getting killed left and right. Thankfully she isn’t stupid, and in fact knows that the killings and everything is connected to her. So when she gets home and the police are waiting for her, she lets them know that she’ll tell them everything, only after the concert.

This is about where I started to notice that this story was even more crazy than the usual Conan adventures. But Ohhhh, boy does it get worse.


It’s now the day of the concert, and Genta still can’t talk. So his solution, bring a recorder to a concert. That way he can both talk to his friends through it, AND can make noise during the concert…… ya….


During the dress rehearsal, Tone Deaf Conan and Perfect Pitch Reiko both notice that one of the keys is out of tune on the organ. But no one else does, and the tuner for the organ has mysteriously vanished earlier that morning. BUT, we can’t worry about any of that now, there is a concert in a few hours and absolutely NOTHING must happen that might delay it.


While wandering around looking for Doumoto-san, Reiko and Conan end up near a canal with a row boat. Where the killer suddenly appears from behind and attacks them both with a wrench. Conan while blocking most of the blow with his watch still ends up like Reiko, unconscious. And of course, neither of them actually saw the attacker’s identity.


Hours pass and they find themselves stranded in a boat, down the canal of where the concert hall is. With the walls to high to climb their only hope is to use the service telephone that is nearby to call for help. But the telephone is like 200 ft away, and there is no way to climb up to get to it. That’s no worry to Conan though, for if they can remove the receiver somehow they can just dial out using those “pi,po,pa” sounds.


No joke, Conan is going to save the day by dialing out on a telephone using only their voices. And since Reiko has Perfect Pitch, she can supply the appropriate sounds. Personally my favorite part of this entire concept is the fact that Reiko is able make these noises with her voice knowing nothing more than the hertz # that Conan tells her right here…… or maybe she can remember the sounds from the last time she dialed out on a phone. Either way, fun shit.


During those hours that they were asleep though, everyone at the concert decided that their going missing was of minor consequence and that the show must go on. Then five minutes in, the concert hall starts exploding. Conan and Reiko are able to hear these explosions down the river and know that they have to find a way to get saved so that they can get back to the exploding concert hall and save everyone.


Conan and Reiko pull off singing to the telephone in order to dial out and from there the police show up in a copter, pick them up, fill them in with the situation at the concert hall concerning the now 10 explosions that have gone off, all while flying them back. Conan immediately deduces that the bombs were planted there, and that since the killer from before also used bombs it was probably still him. I love this show.


As it turns out, everything inside the concert hall is fine. In fact it’s so fine they have absolutely no idea that there are explosions or anything going on. The reason they know nothing, because everyone turns their cellphones off inside a concert hall, the hall is soundproof, and to finish of the explanation because the hall is fireproof. And that is why even though the concert hall’s pillars are exploding one by one, no one inside has any idea something is going on. (This part REALLY bugged me. I mean if the explosions are being heard from miles away where Conan and Reiko are stranded, shouldn’t there be some kind of vibrations that the audience would feel. I mean all that’s going on inside the concert hall is one organ one singer and one violin, and they want me to believe that because the concert hall is soundproof no one inside has noticed a thing?)


Since only the pillars are exploding they reason that the roof and center portion of the hall should be fine, so the police in the helicopter that saved Conan and Reiko think they can jump from the copter (from 5 or so feet from the roof) and make their way inside as all the normal entrances are currently on fire. Reiko and Conan have to save the day as well, so they lie to the cops telling them that they need to come along else they’ll got lost in the non-existing labyrinth from the roof to the hall.

conan21It’s a hot key, that’s for sure.

Once inside Conan figures out who the killer is in his trademarked, “I figured it out but won’t tell anyone until the dramatic reveal.” They also figure out that it’s every time that out of tune key is played, on the organ, that the bombs go off. So Reiko counts out just how many times that key is pressed depending on the song so as to give a time limit till when the final bomb that will blow up the inside of the hall will go off. From here they devise a plan to prolong the explosions so that Conan can stop the killer from blowing everyone up.


The plan….. well in all their brilliance they decide the best course of action is for Reiko to interrupt everything by walking out on stage singing Amazing Grace. And as the seasoned pros they are, everyone else only looks mildly confused for the first 30 seconds of her singing. There is also a little side story that’s been going on about how Ran and Shinichi had a fight once and that on their way home they heard someone singing this song and thanks to that they stopped fighting. Lot a good that did her now that she only sees him once every 100 episodes or every other movie.


Anyways, thanks to her singing, Conan was able to find where the killer was hiding… inside the concert hall… that’s about to explode by his doing. From here Conan does his standard, “this is how I figured everything out spiel,” as the killer just stands there. We learn that the reason why the note was out of tune is because there was a sensor in that pipe that sets off the bombs. We learn that Amazing Grace is an important song. And only after all that we learn who the killer is.

conan24Fuwa Takumi-san, is finally revealed as being the killer at the hour and thirty-one minute mark. From here we get to hear from Conan as to why he believes Fuwa did all this, and why he killed those other four students at the beginning of the movie… to avenge his late son. A son that he had NEVER had any contact with and had died years ago. And the reason he needed Reiko out of the picture was 1) she has perfect pitch and would detect that the note was off, and 2) she was his son’s love, he wanted to spare her if possible.


It gets even better, Somehow on his way over to find the killer Conan made a detour to remove the sensor from the pipe. Now I have no knowledge of how organ pipes work, but I do believe it can’t possibly be that easy to get in those pipes and somehow find this sensor while the organ is IN USE, without anyone noticing, and still make it to the killer in such record time (less than 2 minutes).

conan26Told you he brought it to make noise.


Conan’s watch fails him in the climax, thanks to it taking a blow back before the concert. And without his ace, his hand falls apart as he watches Fuwa prepare to set the last bomb off manually.


Thankfully not all is lost as the police have set themselves up across the hall ready to shoot the killer the moment a shot is open….. to bad Conan is in the way.


That’s when Haibara uses Genta’s recorder to save the day by playing a short little melody on it. A melody that Conan is immediately able to hear and translate as meaning “shoot.” With that he says a one liner to the killer before jumping away as the police shoot the transmitter out of the killer’s hands. Mind you no one actually heard the shot thanks to the organ playing at that time.


And another Conan staple, the killer always tells their full story after being defeated. Yep, so as the concert continues everyone else goes to listen as Takumi tells them his side of the story. How he was a piano tuner for 20 years and that the reason he went crazy and started killing people was because his one client stopped playing the piano and had started playing the organ instead.

Yes, that’s right, instead of just retiring like a sane man would do he took up a job at the concert hall so that he’d have access to the organ. From there he would be able to plant his bombs and take everything with him to oblivion.


But it gets even better… The reason why the guy changed from piano to organ was because he was thinking of Fuwa Takumi and didn’t want to hurt him. You see Takumi was growing old and was losing his hearing. So the piano he was tuning was no longer being tuned correctly. But instead of just replacing him with another tuner he instead changed instruments and offered him another job.

So yes, the moral of the story, don’t go changing yourself to try and protect a friend, cause that friend might think your abandoning him, go crazy, and start planning to kill everyone.

The rest of the movie was dedicated to tying up a few loose ends, and things like Haibara’s recorder melody. And of course the movie has to end like all Conan movies with Ran having a close encounter with Shinichi…. well almost. Instead she just chases the sound of Shinichi playing the violin.


I’m sorry about the tl;dr, I just started typing and couldn’t stop. I really can’t believe how ridiculous this movie was. But 2,600 words later and I’m done with this movie. Enjoy your Turkey and stuffing.

3 Responses to Detective Conan: Movie 12: Full Score of Fear Review

  1. OLIBUs says:

    I think the movie is not that bad. It is a marked improvement from that Jolly roger crap movie.

  2. Mouri says:

    I agree this is a very good movie! Very classy. I love the music theme.

    DC is always about the characters and their interaction. Not just about the murder mystery.

  3. Heiji says:

    cool screenshots.>,,<

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