Writer’s Block


Well, I’ve been getting pounded by college english. I never realized just HOW MUCH I hate essays, coupled with a teacher that will show us what she considers “good writing” BUT! we can’t write like that cause it’s the wrong way for this class.  It would be an understatement that I’m frustrated.  “You have to think about your audience and talk to them.” “No you can’t talk to your audience because they’ll feel like you attacking them and calling them stupid(In a process essay).” “This essay by Stephen King is my favorite ever, especially how he inserts himself in it.” “NO you must never insert yourself in an essay.”

Anyways, I’m going to get back to trying to write something for this blog. Even if it’s a random thing on how many times you can find the old NERV logo in You are (Not) Alone. …….Where did I put that movie?

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